Quantitative Measure of Usability Brief

Using Chipotle as a basis for this activity, I drafted a document detailing a quantitative measurement proposal. I chose to conduct time on task usability tests. The following metrics would be recorded:

  • Average task completion times with users who complete the task successfully
  • Average time on task
  • Mean time to failure – average time spent before a user gives up or incorrectly completes the task

In order to choose the proper research method, I researched Chipotle’s corporate atmosphere. I have only eaten once at Chipotle and was rather unfamiliar with the chain. The research helped me to understand the what the stakeholders may value. These values led me to choosing the most viable option for user testing.

This assignment allowed me to see how all the components of UX, from research to usability testing, work together to aid a stakeholder.

Usability Study